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At Cutest Coops we pride ourselves on helping you select a coop that will enhance your property and give you a great sense of pride all while safely housing your feathered family members! With our help, you don’t have to settle for an unpleasant looking or low quality chicken coop anymore. Instead, we are here to let you express your true colors through a customizable chicken coop made with you, your design goals and the value of your property in mind!

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Collection Details

We proudly offer multiple coop collections and styles, including...

  • The Classic Coop: Our elegantly understated coop with transitional styling and clean lines.
  • The Cube Coop: Our modern answer to urban chicken keeping and small backyards.
  • The Chapel Coop: Our whimsical version of the perfect little farmhouse church.
  • The Country Coop: Our barn-styled coop, taking styling cues directly from the farm.
  • The Chateau Coop: Our farmhouse-inspired chicken coop is sure to enhance any property.
  • The Chalet Coop: Our rustic-styled coop, inspired by the most impressive mountain towns.

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Current Production Lead Times - 06/30/21
Charming Coops: Ready to ship approx. the first week of August Classic Coops: 4-5 weeks Chalet Coops: 10-14 weeks All Other Coops: 5-8 weeks
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