Chalet Coop - 10'x8'

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The Chalet Coop was designed with mountain homes and modern farmhouse style in mind! If you are looking for a large chicken coop with a true wow-factor for your property, then this coop is for you! The modern yet rustic appeal of the 10x8 Chalet Coop, coupled with its incredible porch (with enough room for seating), impressive height and storage area make this coop more than desirable! 

What to Consider When Designing Your Chicken Coop!

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  • All Chicks Interiors:  Ideal for 26, up to 40 chickens
  • Chicks & Peeps Interiors: Ideal for 16, up to 24 chickens
  • Chicks & Sprouts Interiors:  Ideal for 8, up to 12 chickens

All Cutest Coops come equipped with the Thoughtful Features that make our coops the best option for those looking for a quality chicken coop!  A few more reasons to love Cutest Coops: 

  • Easy Cleaning:  Clean-Out-The-Coop™ Door & Removable Roosts
  • Accessibility:  Walk-in Style Coops & Access to Nesting Boxes w/o Having to Walk Into Chicken Area
  • Comfortable:  Run Door Comes on Pulley System (is also compatible with Automatic Run Door) 
  • Learn more about these and other Cutest Coops' features: Learn More!

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Cutest Coops Runs:  Are made of treated wood & very strong gauge 1/2" hardware wire to protect your flock!  The top of our runs also has 1/2" hardware wire.  They are full size and walk-in style and line up with the bottom of your roofline.  These runs also have a full size door with a locking handle included.  Although our runs are unpainted many of our clients elect to paint them after 6-12 months of allowing the sunshine to help dry the wood in order to allow the paint to adhere properly! 


Paint Selection as Shown on Product Page

  • Coop 1: Main Color is a stain called Smoke on Pine Upgrade. Accent Color is also a stain called Chestnut Brown on Cedar Upgrade. (IF WOOD UPGRADES ARE OF INTEREST PLEASE CONTACT US FOR DETAILS) Door: Clay. Roof: Teak Shingle.

LEAD TIME: 3-5 weeks


All Layout Options Include:

- Porch: 4' porch
- Windows: 2 of the 2'x3' windows, located across on the front and back walls, complete with built-in hardware wire screens
- Sidewall Height: 7'
- Overall Height: Just Over 11'

All Chicks:

- Nesting Boxes: 5 nesting boxes with access from the outside and metal top to complement roof color selection
- Roosting Bars: 2 roosting bars, 10' wide with 4" side up and bullnose detail for comfort
- Storage: None

Chicks & Peeps (People):

- Nesting Boxes: 4 nesting boxes with inside access on dividing wall
- Roosting Bars: 2 roosting bars, 8' wide with 4" side up and bullnose detail for comfort
- Storage: 2 shelves, 4' wide


These coops will ship on a flatbed truck. The offloading process here can be accomplished in two ways; 1. by using a forklift or tractor to offload the large pallet at once, or 2. by having 3-4 non-disabled individuals willing to help carefully unload 1 panel at a time. The process takes ~60 minutes.

Visit our Shipping page for more detail & what to expect.


On a scale of 1-10, the Chalet 10x8 coop ranks at a 8 in terms of difficulty mainly because of the slight complexity around assembling the roof and of course, it is big & heavy = QUALITY

Hard-Boiled Rating: The 10x8 Chalet Coop falls into this rating category mostly because of its roof. The other detail to note is that this coop will require the coop owner to hang the door and window in the pre-cut cavity of the coop.

People Required: 3 slightly handy & strong people are needed to assemble this coop.

Tools Required: Contractor Recommended

Quick Tip: All painted coops come with Touch-Up Kits so don't worry, we got you! For unpainted coops we suggest painting it prior to assembly to save time!

Click here to learn more about assembling your coop.

Key Features


All of our coops are built with chickens and their owners in mind, which is why our coops and runs have a standard height door and are of the interior height that allows for a comfortable standing room. Our sidewalls have a minimum height of 5’, except for The Charming Coop; however, most of our coops sidewalls are between 6’-7’, eliminating stress on chicken owners’ backs.

Clean-Out-The-Coop™ Door

All of our coops have our signature Clean-Out-The-Coop Door™. This 10”x3’ door is an opening by the floor of the coop that allows for easy clean out of the shavings/debris from your coop. Another feature that contributes to cleanliness is our attention to detail in that owners never have to enter their coop to either gather eggs or open the run.

Predator Safe

All of our coops are incredibly well built and nearly impossible for any predator to penetrate. Additionally, our windows, doors, and runs have additional screens made of the highest quality hardware wire, which keeps critters out and chickens safe.


Each coop offers adequate ventilation for your flock through a combination of wall vents and built-in roofline ventilation (varies based on model). Additionally, they come with screens on both doors and windows, made out of the highest quality hardware wire! The “Chicks and Peeps” interior options come with even more ventilation due to the full wall of hardware wire that comes with this layout.

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