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Visit our Key Coop Features page to learn more about our design features and see what sets our chicken coops apart from the rest! And if you still have questions, feel free to contact us!

Coops & Features

What interior options do you offer for your chicken coops?

We now offer multiple interior layout options for our 6’x6’, 8’x8’,10’x8’, and custom sized coops. 

  • All Chicks Interiors - If you are looking to maximize the number of chickens you care for, this interior package is for you! From the first step you take into the coop it is truly all focused on the need for space and function for your chicks! Click here for an interior video tour!

  • Chicks & Peeps Interiors - We understand that chicken coops are an important part of being a backyard chicken owner but that it isn’t always just about the chickens… it’s about chicken owners too! Because of our understanding of the needs of chicken owners, we have designed an interior layout option that is perfect for the Chicks and Their Peeps (People)! With this interior layout option, you will enjoy a few additional elements such as; a separate place inside the coop from your chickens, more storage including shelving, a nesting box inside of the coop, and additional ventilation due to a floor-to-ceiling wall of hardware wire. If you are hoping for a larger coop with great functionality, this interior layout option is definitely for you!

  • Ducks & Geese - All of our chicken coops can easily be modified to accommodate ducks and geese, at no additional cost. Simply select “Intended for... Ducks & Geese (no nesting box or roosting bars)” when making your coop design selections to let our build team know.

How many chickens fit in a coop? What size coop should I buy?

This really depends on you. Many experts claim that 2 sqft. per chicken is enough for them to live comfortably in a coop. Our preference is to suggest 3 sqft., especially for larger breeds, because….well, chickens are pets to us and we want to avoid the negative consequences of jamming chickens in! That being said, here are our recommendations based on coop sizes...

The Charming Coop:
  • 6-8 large breed, or up to 12 small breed chickens

4’x6’ Coops:
  • 6-12 Chickens

6’x6’ Coops:
  • All Chicks Interiors: 9-18 Chickens
  • Chicks & Peeps Interiors: 5-9 Chickens

8’x8’ Coops:
  • All Chicks Interiors: 16-32 Chickens
  • Chicks & Peeps Interiors: 8-16 Chickens

8’x10’ Coops:
  • All Chicks Interiors: 20-40 Chickens
  • Chicks & Peeps Interiors: 18-35 Chickens

What door options do you offer? Specifically what is the Signature Coop Door™?

  • Our Signature Coop Door™ has been custom designed with your chickens in mind! It provides a large 2' x 3', hardware wire screen to promote proper ventilation while safely protecting against predators!
  • Our Dutch Door is a popular option for those who love the idea of leaving the top half of the door open for extra ventilation without predator concerns as this door has a full hardware wire screen located behind the top half of this door!  
  • Our Transom Doors are the perfect door option for those attempting to bring a modern farmhouse feel to their Cutest Coop! Both options come with a full additional hardware wire screen door and additional security latches!
  • Our Chapel & Cube Coops have designated door styles that were selected to compliment the overall aethetic of these signature coops! The Chapel offers a full hardware wire screen door and the Cube offers a hardware wire screen on the top half of the door frame!  

What's a Clean-Out-The-Coop Door™?

All of our coops feature our Clean-Out-The-Coop Door™. This 10”x3’ door is an opening by the floor of the coop that allows for simple cleanout by sweeping the shavings/debris from your coop onto a tarp outside of the coop for fast and easy removal.

Do you make duck & goose homes too?

We do! All of our chicken coops can easily be modified to accommodate ducks and geese, at no additional cost. Just select “Intended for... Ducks & Geese (no nesting box or roosting bars)” when making your coop design selections to let our build team know.

What if I want a custom coop?

If you are considering having a custom coop built, we can help! We have had clients ask us to build a variety of different coops including; a structure that housed both a chickens and goats, a structure that was for over 100 chickens on a working farm or even a chicken coop attached to a greenhouse. Visit our Custom Coops page to learn more!

Coop Assembly & Site-Prep

How do I assemble my coop? Can I really do this? This sounds too easy...

Of course! All coops require assembly and at the bottom of every coop product page you'll find an "Assembly" tab with simple, straight-forward step-by-step instructions on how to put together your coop, interior layout, and run. And while all assembly is 100% manageable (without the need for professional experience or help), we've included a 1-10 rating system that describes each coops' general level of complexity. 

What do I need to do before my coop arrives? Is there any kind of site preparation needed?

All coop sites need to be properly leveled prior to your delivery date! It is recommended that you level the area where you would like your coop to go 6” to 1’ larger than the footprint of the coop you purchase. For example if you purchase a coop that is 4’x6’ your leveled area should be between 4’6”x6’6” up to 5’x7’. The material we suggest utilizing for this leveling process is limestone. The ideal situation is that the limestone pad is 4” deep. Visit our site preparation page for more information.

**Please note: when purchasing the Charming Coop site preparation is not required but recommended

How do you ensure the run is predator safe?

Because runs are delivered unassembled, we highly recommend that once the run is in place the chicken owner digs a trench on both sides of each supporting run wall 2-3 bricks deep, even backfilling with any leftover limestone, to further ensure predator safety. 

Automatic Run Doors

If you're experiencing technical issues with your automatic run doors please contact Chicken Guard for troubleshooting and phone support.

Leadtimes, Shipping & Returns

How long does it take to get my coop once I place my order?

Coops that are ordered from our Cutest Coops collections take between 4-8 weeks production time. This also depends on you, if you are in a huge hurry we want to know so we can work hard to get it for you in a timely fashion! Visit our Shop Coops page for the most up-to-date production lead times.

**Please note: We need to know that your site is properly prepared PRIOR to arriving with your coop! 

Do you offer financing options or monthly payment plans?

We sure do! For more information check out our financing page

What is your policy on returns and refunds?

Due to the custom nature of our products, Cutest Coops are not returnable. Regarding our refund policy, it is simple: 48 Hours after your purchase, the deposit becomes non-refundable as your order will officially go into our production queue!

Do you offer a warranty on your coops?

Yes! Cutest Coops offers a 1 year warranty against defects and workmanship on our coops and runs. Additional manufacturer warranties apply to specific components.


Additional Info

  • Cutest Coops reserves the right to make minor changes to coop designs based on, but not limited to, raw material availability and shipping efficiencies. Coops delivered may appear slightly different than pictured on our website as a result.

  • Due to COVID's effect on raw material pricing and availability, Cutest Coops reserves the right to change pricing as needed. Quotes on custom coops are valid for 2 weeks from the date the quote was provided.