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*Please note: All of our assembly instructions include proprietary information; therefore, your instructions will be sent 48 hours before shipping, so watch your email for updates from our flock!

Cupola Installation

Cupola Installation Guide.pdf
The cupola sits on top of the existing roof. Drill two pilot holes at a 45 degree downward angle on each solid side of the cupola’s base approximately 1.25” up from the bottom edge. Once the cupola is placed in the desired location (most likely centered on the ridge) put screws in at the bottom of the base and into the roof itself.
*Note: If installing the cupola on a ribbed metal roof, make sure to install the screws through one of the ribs (the higher part) of the metal. Pilot holes should be spaced accordingly. If installing a weathervane, you may find it best to attach the weathervane to the cupola prior to attaching the cupola to the roof.

Roosting Bar Assembly

Roosting Bar Assembly Guide.pdf
When installing the roosting blocks, the blocks have a pre-drilled hole to hold the roost in place with a carriage bolt. Make so the hole is up when attaching to the wall frame. These blocks are also marked to ensure the top roost is closer to the wall than the bottom roost:
- 12” to the top of the bottom roost
- 28” to the top of the top roost
Use two 3” screws to fasten directly to the studs. Set roosting bars across blocks and fasten with carriage bolts.

Run Pulley Assembly

Installing the pulley system requires two pulley attachment points, one directly above the run opening, and the other beside the main door. You will need to fasten the rope through the hole in the top of the run door. Run this rope to the pulley installed directly above the run, direct the rope over and across the coop through the other pulley beside the door.

Decide on the length of rope required and fasten the O ring provided to the end of the rope. Pull down on the rope to hold the run door open and mark the top of the O ring to show you where to put a screw in the door frame. Leave about 1 1⁄2” of this screw revealed so that the O ring can slip over the screw holding the run door in the open position. You may wish to install another catch to hold the O ring when the run door is in the closed position.

Roofing Resources

*Note: All roofing installation & assembly instructions are provided directly from the manufacturer

*Please note: An uninsulated building like a chicken coop, butyl tape referred to in the videos can be eliminated or caulking can be substituted. We do not supply caulk or butyl tape with the kits.