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About the Chicks

Just over 3 years ago my thoughtful husband got me a small chicken coop for the holidays (he knew I really wanted chickens of our own because I talked about it all the time!), it was from a large online retailer and looked really cute in the picture but didn’t quite deliver in person. As a matter of fact, my husband spent countless weekends and hundreds of dollars adding a larger run to the coop so that our chickens could have enough space to live comfortably.

Once our coop was finally up and ready for chickens, I just couldn’t wait to introduce our first batch of hens to our family… on our daughter’s 3rd birthday we started with 3 hens!! We named them Snap, Crackle and Pop (Pop is still with us thankfully and rules our current roost)!

As time went on, we fell in love with owning chickens! It was so nostalgic, brought us peace after a stressful day at work and helped us teach our daughter about where food comes from and what it means to be organic. All in all, we were hooked on having backyard chickens but our coop very obviously not the long-term solution we needed. We quickly started looking for a new solution and were disappointed to find that our options were very limited and not very aesthetically pleasing so we made our own and as they say, the rest is history…

My professional background was nearly two decades in the home goods industry and I have grown fond of timeless design, impeccable quality and great value, these factors led me to partner with Amish craftsman from Sugarcreek, Ohio. I based our designs on both home trends as well as consumer needs and pain-points, like the ones I had already experienced. As a result of this discovery our Cutest Coop Collections are all made with key features including: accessibility, predator safety, ventilation, cleanliness, quality & design. Click here to learn more!

About Our Flock


The "Surprise Rooster"

Ping &Pong

The constantly colliding Silkies


The longest reigning Queen

Feathers & Mohawk

The Olive Eggers


The one who is always searching


The messy English cereal