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“I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy, the owner of Cutest Coops, last month and got to see one of her coops close up. I’ve been raising chickens and ducks for ten years and not only bought several coops, but checked out and considered dozens more. And I can say with the utmost confidence that not only the workmanship, but also the thought and care, that has gone into the design of the Cutest Coops is second to none. I was super impressed. So much so that when I decided to add some geese to my flock, I immediately decided on the 6x6 Country Coop. I know my new additions will be safe and happy in such a well-built structure. And the icing on the cake so to speak ... it’s CUTE! An aptly named company delivering a quality product. I can’t wait to get mine.”

— Lisa Steele, Fresh Eggs Daily

“We ordered an 8’x8’ Chicks & Peeps Coop from Cutest Coops, and we couldn’t be more happy. The customer service we received was just as wonderful as the product. Kathy contacted me directly to find out our needs and gave me recommendations on which coop would best fit us and the girls. She then made sure the shipping process and delivery would go smoothly! She was very professional throughout the whole process and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy! We received it just in time for winter, and our girls have been safe and warm, even through this harsh Minnesota winter when it’s -10! I highly recommend we will be ordering more down the road if we expand our flock with ducks or geese! Thank you so much for making our coop dreams come true!”

— Anaca R., Minneapolis, MN

“I was in the market for a coop for my five hens that need to be moved with the rest of my chickens in the chicken yard. My chicken yard is visible from the road so it had to be special. It also needed to blend in with my 8x8 coop/ shed. I remember seeing the Cutest Coops ad on Fresh Eggs Daily page and thought that is the cutest coop I ever did see. Don’t get me wrong, I shopped around, went on other sites and I had a budget. After my decision of which coop to choose, I found myself on Cutest Coops website designing my own coop. I chose where I wanted my window to be and how many, which side the chicken door and nest box was going, which is important when you pick the spot in your yard allowing for your run, and the door facing the front, and the most important, the color and roof material. With that being said, I had so many color choices, that I didn’t know what color to choose. I messaged Cutest Coops for help and Kathy did just that and more. We talked about our love for chickens and family and I sent her pictures of my other coop and home and my Cutest Coop was born. She sent me digital pictures of choices I made for the the final decision. How many companies would do all of that. The coop itself will easily hold 6-8 standard hens and 10 bantams easily. Love the window and the window on the door with its predator proofing in mind. It houses 3 nest boxes and two removable roost and the added bonus the clean out door that you raise up and sweep the litter out. The chicken door is on a pulley with safety in mind, plenty of ventilation with the windows and the vented roof. I love my Classic Coop and of course decorating it inside and out. Don’t dwell on this if you are thinking about one or any other of her Coops, Amish made, best customer service, The Cutest Coop around. You cannot beat any of this for the safety and best home for our chickens 🐓❤️🐓❤️”

— Cindy, E., Elizabeth City, NC

“We love our coop from Cutest Coops! Kathy was a joy to work with. My one caveat is if you are confused about something, ask as many questions as you need!! And even though there were a few things I didn’t realize until the coop was built, Kathy graciously moved things around for me after the install date to make sure I was happy. Love our little coop and this company 🖤”

— Mickella R., Knoxville, TN

“I just cleaned out the coop for the first time using the trash door. It took me less than 10 minutes. I just placed a tarp next to the trash door and swept everything out, done. The coop is well designed and was a great investment.”

— Ashley S., Mentor, OH