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Key Coop Features

All of our coops have been specifically designed with the following key features in mind:



All of our coops are built with chickens and their owners in mind, which is why our coops and runs have a standard height door and are of the interior height that allows for a comfortable standing room. Our sidewalls have a minimum height of 5’, except for The Charming Coop; however, most of our coops sidewalls are between 6’-7’, eliminating stress on chicken owners’ backs.



All of our coops have our signature Clean-Out-The-Coop Door™. This 10”x3’ door is an opening by the floor of the coop that allows for easy clean out of the shavings/debris from your coop. Another feature that contributes to cleanliness is our attention to detail in that owners never have to enter their coop to either gather eggs or open the run.


Care-Away™ Feed & Water System

The Care-Away™ System is a simple, clean feeding + watering system for your beloved flock! Chicken owners can now go away for a long weekend without having to worry about chicken care! The system is carefully designed to accommodate your chickens for 3 consecutive days!* The waterer has no-drip nipples, and the feeder is accessible from both sides, allowing multiple chickens to eat simultaneously.



All of our coops are built with longevity in mind. We intend to give our fellow chicken lovers great value as they invest in this lifestyle of backyard chicken ownership! Our coops carry a 40-year warranty on our pre-primed plywood siding. Our shingle roofs come with a 30-year warranty, and our metal roof upgrade provides a 40-year warranty.



All of our coops have built-in roofline ventilation. Additionally, they come with screens on both doors and windows, made out of the highest quality hardware wire! The “Chicks and Peeps” interior options come with even more ventilation due to the full wall of hardware wire that comes with this layout.


Predator Safe

All of our coops are incredibly well built and nearly impossible for any predator to penetrate. Additionally, our windows, doors, and runs have additional screens made of the highest quality hardware wire, which keeps critters out and chickens safe.



Our cutest coops are simply beautiful! Our designs are timeless and are carefully curated to complement a wide variety of different home styles. Our coops embody ultimate functionality while providing an aesthetic that will be sure to enhance your property’s curb appeal and increase its value.