Site Prep & Run Safety

Preparing for Your Coop

(Applies to ALL Coops EXCEPT for the Charming Coop!)

Upon ordering your chicken coop or duck home, we will get busy building, while you get busy with a bit of site preparation! As you know, our coops are incredibly well built and made of heavy, high-quality material, and because of the quality we offer, our coops can be rather hefty, weighing a minimum of 1100 pounds. In order to protect your investment in your coop, we suggest that you:
Build a Leveled Pad - Your pad can be as elaborate as concrete or as simple as a limestone pad. By the way, most people do opt for a limestone pad, which is perfectly acceptable for this purpose! Either way, please make sure your pad is as follows:
  • Pad Size - We recommend your overall pad should measure between 6”-12” larger than the footprint of the coop you ordered! For example, if you ordered a 6’x6’ coop, you should build a pad that is up to 7’x7’. If your coop comes with a porch please add 4' to your footprint measurement.
  • Pad Depth - If you plan to use limestone, your pad should be 4” deep and we recommend the use of #57 limestone otherwise known as 3/4" gravel.
Run Safety
Because runs are delivered unassembled, we highly recommend that once the run is in place the chicken owner digs a trench on both sides of each supporting run wall 2-3 bricks deep, even backfilling with any leftover limestone, to further ensure predator safety.

    If this information doesn’t quite provide all the answers you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us!