Assembly Rating

Cutest Coops Assembly Rating System:

  • Over-Easy:  All Over Easy Coops require very basic construction knowledge.  These coops come to you as a Flatpack, meaning the walls are all 100% completed with the exception of the trim that goes on the corners of the walls, once erected.  These coops typically only require 2 people to assemble them!
  • Scrambled:  The Scrambled Coop designation is just that….a bit scrambled!  These coops are not difficult to assemble, in terms of construction abilities, but can be rather heavy and large.  Because of the size of these coops many times people elect to have more than 2 participating members for the construction crew.   These coops are also shipped as a Kit, meaning the cavity of the windows is pre-set however the windows will require the crew to hang them in place! 
  • Hard-Boiled:  This category of Hard-Boiled Coops is assigned to our coops with a porch/roof consideration.  Like the Scrambled designation, these coops are shipped as a Kit, meaning the cavity of the windows is pre-set and the windows are awaiting to be hung.  For these coops we do recommend professional installation by a local contractor however we have had many clients take this task on themselves!  Our 2022 instructions are very detailed and can help guide a handy client along the way however, because of the size of these coops, we typically recommend at least 3 people to help with assembly! 
OVER-EASY COOPS:  Charming, 4x6 Classic & 6X4 Cube
SCRAMBLED COOPS: 6X6 Classic, 8x8 Classic, 5x6 Country, 8x8 Country & 6x6 Chapel 
HARD-BOILED COOPS:  6X6 Chateau, 8x10 Chateau, 8x8 Chalet & 10x8 Chalet