About the Builders

Growing up in Ohio one is exposed to the Amish Community at a very young age and the consistent themes known about their culture includes honesty, integrity and quality. As years pass, the Amish seem to advance in terms of their ability to build better and faster than anyone else.

When the founder of Cutest Coops decided to start looking for building partners to help build sustainable, high-quality coops the search quickly identified the Amish. After extensive research and posing as a consumer herself, the specific builders were engaged and, as they say, the rest is history!!

It would be unfair for us to educate you on the Amish but here is a useful article by the Wall Street Journal which highlights their undeniable building “know-how.”

Due to our rapid growth we have had the great fortune of adding another valued builder partner who is also committed to building Cutest Coops by hand!