Chicken Coop Flooring - Plaid Everything Please

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It's finally here, the perfect flooring for your chicken coop!  Designed by Cutest Coop and made in Europe just right for your precious flock! 

Plaid Everything Please: it's true...sometimes you just can't get enough of the plaid, especially in a cute farmhouse style chicken coop with these sophisticated grey tones!!

This Non-Toxic (Phthalate & Lead Free) Luxury Vinyl Mat is filled with tremendous benefits:

  • Ease of Installation: *this floor will arrive in 1-3 rolls, depending on size.  
  • Enhances Longevity:  an extra layer of protection from daily wear and tear.
  • Quick Coop Cleaning: no seams make for a smooth cleaning process. (Please note: the larger floors; 6x6, 8x8 and 10x8 will ship in three pieces.)
  • Textured Top Coat: lowered concerns about slipping.
  • It's Waterproof: you can finally put your mind at ease.
  • And Yes, this flooring makes the inside of your Coop SO CUTE!! 

IMPORTANT:  It has been noted that vinyl floors can be harmful to chickens.  We ask that you purchase this flooring with caution.  If you have a chicken that pecks at flooring a lot you may want to reconsider this purchase or at minimum we suggest covering the floor with a generous bed of hay or pine shavings! 

INSTALL TIP:  *Once your flooring is in the desired location we suggest you staple it to the corners of your floor for additional reinforcement.  If you really prefer using glue we would recommend use of a non-toxic glue to avoid exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Ships in 10-15 Business Days!