How to Engage Your Children with your Backyard Chickens


As a mother of a 6-year old daughter it is astonishing to witness the power of a simple stamp! If your child shares in my daughter’s love of stamps and you really want to get him/her engaged with your backyard chickens I have a simple idea for you!

Back when we first got our chickens my little girl loved to collect the eggs but even that nostalgia wore off (which was very disappointing to me) so I had to figure out another way to get her to want to grab those precious farm fresh eggs of ours! Introducing…stamps!

There are many adorable stamps on that are specifically made for eggs! Find messaging that is important to you like “Coop to Table!” or a stamp that allows you to date the eggs or just a simple heart to show your chicks how much you love and appreciate them! Let your child be in charge of which egg gets which stamp and all of a sudden you will see his/her engagement with your backyard chickens increase….well, at least temporarily!!