Copy for Kathy - Custom Coops

Are you thinking about building a custom chicken coop? Well then, you found your match in Cutest Coops as our entire goal is to help make your coop dreams come true!   

The process of building your dream coop will depend on how complex you would like your finished coop to be!  If your desire is simply to have a larger chicken coop but you love one of our coop styles we would simply add 2-3 weeks to the quoted lead times. 

If you desire to make a coop that is wildly unique and different from anything we currently offer the process will become much more involved!  We work with an HGTV furniture designer who can bring your ideas to life and our builder partners are also up for the challenge!  These more elaborate chicken coop designs are quoted per project.  We would encourage you to reach out to our flock at to get started! 

Disclaimer:  please note that our availability to build custom coops will vary depending on the time of year. 

For more information and to start designing bawk at us: 216.309.0722