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Charming Coop Assembly

How-To Guide

Step One

Make sure the site is level. Place the floor on the site making sure the treated skids are the main contact with the site surface. If needed, you can shim these skids to make the floor level.

Step Two

Set the back wall first. Make a mark 1 ½” in from each side. Put the back wall to these marks leaving room to install the side walls up against the back wall. Use 3” screws and fasten the walls to the floor through the bottom 2x4’ on both ends.*
*NOTE: The siding for all the walls will set below the floor ~2”

Step Three

Set the side walls next. Fasten to the floor, and back wall, using the 3” screws provided. These walls are interchangeable; therefore, the run door can go on either side

Step Four

Install the front wall following the same pattern as the others. Make sure all the walls are securely fastened to the floor and to each other

Step Five

Install the roof sections. These sections simply fit over the top of the walls. Fasten through the 2x4’s into the walls. Fasten on all 3 sides

Step Six

Install the roof ridge piece. The metal screws for this are self-tapping, so you do not need to pre-drill any holes.

Step Seven

Install the Nesting box. Hold the box up against the opening and make sure it’s even with the opening on all sides. There will be a gap between the box and the exterior trim piece; this is for the nesting box roof. Fasten the box with 3” screws, 2 on the top of the box, 2 on the bottom, and 1 on each side.

Step Eight

Install the nesting box lid. Line the lid up with the trim piece. Fasten the hinge directly to the trim piece. Use the small screws provided.

Step Nine

Install the Clean Out The Coop Door. From inside the coop, the door slides into the opening, gliding along the grooves provided for it. A hook is provided to hold the door open when cleaning your coop.

Step Ten

Install your run door. Follow the same pattern as the Clean Out The Coop Door. Install the pulleys: one directly above the run opening, and the other beside the main door. You will need to fasten the rope through the hole in the top of the run door. Run this rope to the pulley directly above the run, over and through the other pulley beside the door. Fasten the O ring provided to the end of the rope. Hold the door open and mark the top of the O ring to show you where to put a screw to hold the door open. Leave about 1 ½” of this screw revealed so that the O ring can slip over the screw holding the run door open.