Back to School Chickens!


I don’t claim to be an education expert but I do have a little girl, and like any mom, always want what’s best for her! And my desire to provide a rich and meaningful upbringing was a major factor when I decided to try my hand at backyard chicken ownership! Then one day I got a call from her school, they decided to put emphasis on a new program referred to as Nature Based Learning! I was excited for my daughter and for the other students but was also happy to know that my instinct about having chickens must be on the right track, so I did some further digging…

It’s a well-known fact that children who spend more time in nature enjoy countless benefits both educationally and emotionally. According to these kids are typically, “more creative, physically stronger, have better concentration and are less stressed”!

Wow, just knowing these factors alone should make any parent or school want to invest in nature-based activities like chicken keeping!

And if that wasn’t enough, here are some more tangible facts for you to peck on:

1. Nature can improve academic outcomes
2. Nature play can encourage care for the earth
3. Nature can create pathways to a stronger, closer family
4. Nature fosters children’s executive function skills

But it doesn’t stop there, the list goes on and on… So, to those parents and schools out there who are giving their children this incredible gift of nature-based learning, kudos to you and thank you for paving the way!!!

And as a parent myself I will attest to the fact that playing with your backyard chickens never feels like a learning exercise, it’s a ton of fun with your pets! Think about the amount of value your family will gain from keeping chickens… trust me, it’s a lot more than just eggs!