Cooped Up Forever: A Royal Chicken Wedding!

Cooped Up Forever: A Royal Chicken Wedding!

Being "Cooped Up" has impacted many facets of our lives, one that often comes to mind is how we celebrate significant life events such as graduations, the birth of a baby, and even weddings! Instead of getting completely derailed by these unexpected changes, we at Cutest Coops have decided to lean in a bit to our new normal by having a wedding of our own... a Chicken Wedding!!

And it was not just a simple wedding. It was a Chicken Wedding fit for royalty! In addition to the feathered bride and groom, there were 10 chicken guests and 8 human participants making this a rather quaint but magical gathering. The bride, Weetabix (named after a loved English cereal), wore a beautiful white gown adorned with crystals and lace. The groom, Paddles, choose a simple attire with just a traditional black bowtie and white collar. The pair looked exquisite and ready to make a lifelong commitment.
Due to the mutual interests of the bride and groom, it was quickly determined that their big day just had to be a rustic themed wedding! The wedding took place on a homestead and was filled with details such as dried lavender, lace, outdoor dining, a muted color scheme of mostly burlap tones, white and a splash of purple oh and of course, chicken wire!

Upon guest arrival, all were served from the Bawk-tini Bar with a lavender themed cocktail in a mason jar accompanied by fresh mint. The bar was located near the cute coop where the happy couple plan to live happily-ever-after! And yes, even the coop was decorated for the big event with adorable small white and purple heart-shaped balloons streaming down the columns of the coop itself, making it truly the Cutest Coop!

Once it was time for the ceremony itself the Unity Cup, which was a mason jar treat holder, was carefully placed on the top of the steps where the vows would be exchanged. Two large celebratory balloons were also awaiting the happy couple with the abbreviations of Mr. and Mrs. And to add to the nostalgia of the evening the flower girl, wearing an elegant farm-style gown and lavender crown from @raineyscloset, guided her two loving chickens up the steps to the alter by showing them the way with a path made up on dried lavender that gently fell out of her chicken wire basket. The stage was perfectly set, and it was time to exchange promises between the future Mr. and Mrs. Chicken.

Upon completion of the beautiful ceremony, it was time for dinner and the wedding cake! The alfresco dining table complimented the evening with farmhouse style dinner plates, chicken napkin rings, a lovely burlap and lace table runner, etched chicken wine glasses, and potted herbs to reinforce Mr. and Mrs. Chicken's love of the farm, however, the biggest showstopper was the wedding cake! This farmhouse wedding cake from @whiteflowercakeshoppe had it all; simple elegance, beautiful design details, and a delicious taste. The cake's them was, of course, "Cooped Up Forever!" (Full disclosure: the cake was only shared by the human guests.)

Once the evening concluded the guests were sent home with thoughtful gifts of both a bag of dried lavender for their own nesting boxes and what else other than a farm fresh egg as a personal gesture from the bride herself.

This Chicken Wedding was undeniably a day to remember and cherish for all.