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Cube Coop - 6'x4'
Cube Coop - 6'x4'
Cube Coop - 6'x4'
Cube Coop - 6'x4'
Cube Coop - 6'x4'
Cube Coop - 6'x4'
Cube Coop - 6'x4'
Cube Coop - 6'x4'
Cube Coop - 6'x4'
Cube Coop - 6'x4'

Cube Coop - 6'x4'

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The Cube Coop is an ideal solution to chicken keeping for small backyards and urban spaces! This self-contained modern coop is not only easy on the eyes, but it's also easy to fit into shallow yards measuring at only 4' deep. Its sidewalls are interchangeable, making it flexible to move for future use! The Cube Run also offers incredible features, including a metal roof, a locker system with two separate storage spaces that are lockable, waterproof, and predator-proof! This chicken coop is made for urban chicken keeping! 

- Chickens: Ideal for 8, up to 12 chickens.

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- Windows: 2 2'x2' windows, left of door and centered on back wall, with built-in hardware wire screen 
- Layout: Features interchangeable sidewalls, relative to nesting box and run locations

- Nesting Boxes: 3 nesting boxes with access from the outside. Metal top, same as roof selection, with soft-close hinge and additional security latch. Each nesting box measures 12"x12"
- Sidewall Height: 
6' 3"
- Dutch Door: Dutch door with additional top-half built-in hardware wire screen
- Roosts: 1 roosting bar, 6' wide. 2x4 with 4" side up with bullnose detail for comfort, and removable for easy cleaning.
- Flooring: Treated plywood
- Siding: SmartSiding, with 50 yr. warranty 
- Roof: Metal roof is 29 gauge with ribbed, metal with drip edge, 40 yr. warranty, built-in ventilation in roofline
- Clean-Out-The-Coop Door™: 10" tall x 36" wide. Centered on the back wall near the floor, with additional security latch for predator safety.
- Run Door & Pulley System: 15 ¾" x 11 ¾". Run door on pulley system, with access just within reach of entrance opening, ramp to the run, or outdoors, for ease-of-use access.

- Cube Run: 8' wide x 4' deep x 5' 7" tall
- Cube Run Storage: 
2 Storage Lockers, each 28" wide x 16" deep


On a scale of 1-10, this coop ranks at a 6 in terms of complexity.

People Required: 2 slightly handy people are needed to assemble this coop.

Tools Required: All the basic tools are recommended to have on hand and for those who order a metal roof, tin snips can be useful as well.

*Assembly Tip: If you order this coop painted you will receive touch-up paint, so don't worry about smudges and dings that may occur during the assembly process. If you order this coop unpainted you may want to paint it prior to assembly to save on time.