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Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'
Chalet Coop - 8'x8'

Chalet Coop - 8'x8'

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The Chalet Coop was designed with mountain homes in mind. Perhaps a trip out west has inspired your love of nature or your home reflects that of a modern chalet, this coop has what it takes to add a rustic elegance to your landscape. An additional feature of this coop is the adorable porch which is yet another reminder of time best spent admiring the great outdoors with a cup of coffee!

Learn more about interior options.

All Chicks Interior: Ideal for 21. Up to 32 Chickens. 

4' Chicks & 4' Peeps Interior: Ideal for 11.  Up to 16 Chickens. 

5' Chicks & 3' Peeps Interior: Ideal for 13.  Up to 20 Chickens. 

As Shown: 6'x6'* Main Color is Buckskin. Accent Color is Navajo White. Signature Coop Door is Dark Gray. Roof is Charcoal Metal. View all color options. 

*Note: images are 6'x6' size, NOT 8'x8'. Please read description carefully! 


*Please note: shipping is calculated at checkout. Financing available! Learn more.


- Flooring: Treated Plywood
- Siding: SmartSiding, with 50 yr. Warranty 
- Roof: Shingle with Drip Edge, 40 yr. Warranty, Metal Option is 29 Gauge with Ribbed, Metal with Drip Edge, 40 yr. Warranty, Built-in Roofline Ventilation  
- Nesting Boxes: Accessible from Outside of Chicken Living Areas, Child-Protective Arm, Built 12" from Ground for Comfort. Each Box 12" x 12" 
- Signature Door: Door with Built-in Additional Hardware Wire Screen
- Windows: 1 of the 2' x 3' windows with a Built-in Hardware Wire Screen 
- Clean Out The Coop Door: Located Near Floor, 10" tall x 36" wide, Security Latch for Predator Safety, Positioned on Back Wall Centered 
- Roosts: Made with a 2x4 with 4" Side Up and Bullnose Detail for Comfort
- Run Door & Pulley System: 15 ¾" x 11 ¾" Run Door on Pulley System with Access with just a reach into the Door, Ramp to the Run or Outdoors for Ease of Access 

Interior Layouts

All Layout Options Include:

- Porch: 4' porch
- Windows: 1 2'x3' window, centered on back wall
- Sidewall Height: 7

All Chicks:

- Nesting Boxes: 5 nesting boxes with access from the outside and metal top to complement roof color selection 
- Roosting Bars: 3 roosting bars, 8' wide
- Storage: None 

Chicks & Peeps:

- Nesting Boxes: 4 nesting boxes with access on dividing wall
- Roosting Bars: 3 roosting bars, 4' wide
- Storage: 2 shelves, 4' wide

Take an interior video tour!


Chalet Coop Assembly Instructions.pdf

Chicks & Peeps Assembly Instructions.pdf

Run Assembly Instructions.pdf

On a scale of 1-10 this coop ranks at a 8 in terms of complexity and is our most challenging coop to assemble. 

People Required: 2 handy & strong people are needed to assemble this coop.  We strongly recommend hiring tradesmen to help with this coop, mostly due to the complexity of the roof, the decorative details and porch.

Tools Required: All the basic tools are recommended to have on hand and for those who order a metal roof, tin snips can be useful as well.

Assembly Tip: If you order this coop painted you will receive touch-up paint so don't worry about smudges and dings that may occur during the assembly process. If you order this coop unpainted you may want to paint it prior to assembly to save on time.